just busy.

As I'm sure you've noticed, I've been absent for over a week. I've had quite the busy time, dear Decaffinites. I've been driving and swimming and working and cleaning and packing and wedding-ing. J and I spent the weekend in Kittery and then Portland, photographing the wedding of our good friends and partying hard afterwards. If by party hard, you mean watching Hell's Kitchen in the comfort of a big hotel bed and then falling asleep early. Yeah. I partied hard.

So I have little to no shame about skipping blogging and preparing pictures for blogging over the weekend because I'm learning to balance blogging with living and this time, the living won out. 

To console you, however, here are some Outfit Of The Day pictures over August and late July!

Fun fact: I went shopping tonight and bought a pantsuit. To be shown in later posts. 


Also, please be expecting a yummy recipe post and a short story later this week. 



upta camp.

Inspired by the sights and sounds of camp, I choose this littler layered number for our trek to Knights Point on Sunday. 

Having grown up in a family that constantly went camping (the real kind, in a tent, yo) and who spent time at the ocean-side family camp, I find a particular kind of solace in relaxing by the water. Perhaps it is the reason summer continues to be my favorite season. 

With the sun beating down on your face and warm air coating you as a second skin you don't have time for fancy. I left my makeup and fuss at home, opting for a wide-brimmed hat and flowing strapless dress. Blue and orange remind me of water and fire, the cool and the hot, both extremes that visit you readily when you are camping.

J and I are gearing up for an extremely busy weekend where we get to be photographers for our friend's wedding! As you may have noticed, I do not posses a high-end camera. I have the thoughts for great shots but have always lacked the technology to make them come to life. In order to practice for the wedding, however, J and I have borrowed a friend's camera with which these amazing shots were taken. Just a few days with such a glorious piece of equipment has convinced me to start saving up for one of my own. 


strapless dress -- thrifted!
blue shawl -- thrifted.
black hat -- thrifted.
scarf -- thrifted!


the progress of pilgrims. sarcastically.

As I was pondering my experiences the other day, wondering what it was that I had to offer the world, I realized that, along with my thrifting ramblings, vegan yummies, and tendency to bitch about my life a lot,  had forsaken my whole other area of expertise: 

the struggle of growing out a pixie cut. 

I started to talk about over a year ago, back when I was strictly a fashion blog, but never finished. So I think it's time I did.

I have always had very nice hair. My sister and I used to braid it and then play whack-each-other to see who's was thick enough to leave welts. It was usually her, mostly because I had short hair in childhood but let it grow as I got into middle school. 

March 2008, all natural, baby. Only the sun was allowed to give me highlights. 

Oh, the younger, carefree days. I let my hair down most days, doing nothing with it, never caring about the color or split ends. I was never brought up to be neurotic about my hair, and never cared when an elastic broke it or my platinum blonde started to fade into light brown around age 14. My hair was nothing more than a rug on top of my head; useful but commonplace.

circe May 2011, three years later. 

Take a quick trip past high school, where my hair basically stayed the same expect for the occasional snip-snip, and skip over the whole dyed-my-hair-black phase (no, I will not be showing you pictures of. that.) and we end up in 2011, where my hair was slowly fading from it's red dye. I was acutely aware of my roots and split ends now. 

August 2011. The beginning of the Great Chop. 

September 2011. I got bored with hair quickly. 

Step 1: see the pixie cut in a magazine. 
Step 2: have hair with frayed ends from dying it a lot. 
Step 3: walk into a salon and request to get your hair chopped off.
Step 4: buh-bye hair.

December 2011, dyed my pixie black. Because I don't learn. 

February 2012. Went back to a dark strawberry blonde after I decided I was sick of the black. 

After a few months with the pixie, I realized that short hair is, in fact, a lot more expensive to upkeep than having longer hair. The cheapest haircut I could find around bangor was 16 dollars a pop, and that would have been monthly for my extremely thick hair. 


March 2012. My wedding photos. 

The first month of growing out my hair, it was a giant bucket of fuzz, Pixie's are cut to lie a certain way against your scalp and when you abandon that it turns into mullet territory pretty quickly. During March I kept my hair contained with headbands and thousands of bobby pins. Accessories will become your best friends.

August 2012.

After a few painful months your top layer with almost catch up with your bottom layer of hair. It's imperative that you keep cutting the back of your hair (which will inexplicably grow longer than the rest of your head) to help even it out. It'll be painful but you MUST do it. And also remember hair accessories. My bow was concealing super uneven bangs.


December 2012.

February 2013.

After your hair evens out, it'll come to your attention that you can keep growing it out at one length or you can switch it up. I switched it up. 

April 2013.

My hair kept getting longer and brighter. The red is still the color I used to get the most compliments on (also: note the pink eyebrows I used to dye and oh my gosh I can't believe I got away with pink eyebrows at work) but in my heart I was still yearning for the blonde I had left behind so long ago. 

July 2013.

After a visit to a high-end salon with over five hours of bleaching, toning, and more bleaching and more toning, and snip snip snipping, I ended up with a blonde bob. 


September 2013.

My bangs were cut to graze my eyebrows and I transitioned to platinum blonde. FREE PRO-TIP: Platinum blonde hair is one of the toughest colors to maintain. To keep it from going yellow and brassy, wash with a purple-based shampoo and keep it polished and shining. Decrease your heat styling to minimize damage. 

November 2013.

I tried the vintage bangs and kept growing out the yellow, trimming to keep up the platinum. 

May 2014.

Growing out my bangs, shaved the underside of my head, and trying to even out the layers. 

May 2014. 

I was tired of the upkeep of platinum. My original plan was to keep growing out the hair with the blonde, but I had the desire to go back to my natural color. I had forgotten how dark my hair actually was, since I had been dying it for so long. I guessed an ashy brown. 

July 2014.

My hair, unfortuantely, was damaged from all the chemicals I had been pouring in it to make it blonde. The brown washed out, leaving me with a dark blonde that was better than I had anticipated. 

September 2014.

Last week. My hair is getting steadily longer and regaining some of it's shine due to scrupulous care (no heat styling, washing every other day, baking soda scrubs, and tons of conditioner) and and I'm allowing my roots to grow in with the blonde. In preparation for a new color. In October. I'm not telling what yet. ;)



the most interesting update ever .005

Welcome to another rousing rendition of How My Life Is Going And You're Going To Read And Comment Because You Want Me To Comment Back! I have you all as my prisoner. Muaw ha ha ha ha. 


Okay, so, to start out with, J and I played our 4th show as The Royal Bones.

Why yes, that is my sheer-topped vintage dress. And yes, I did wear it with boots and a cardigan. 

I'll have to admit this show was kind of a bummer. We didn't have a keyboard so we almost turned this show down, but the dude who was organizing it was awesome enough to find us one. The only problem was when we got there the keyboard didn't have a sustain pedal (non-piano speak: the thingy under the piano you push down with your foot to make the notes blend instead of hitting you in the head with a hammer made of sound). The show ended up going really poorly because, well, without the sustain pedal all our songs sounded cheap. It was weird how something so small could make such a big deal. 

The important thing, though, is that we got to play a show. At least that's what I told myself. Afterwards I wanted to sit in the car and cry. I know we didn't sound good and I couldn't handle it. Music -- especially music I wrote -- is such an integral part of me that playing it poorly felt like I was representing myself poorly. I'm not used to doing things badly. On the flip side of my control issues is the drive to do everything perfect, and while it enables me to work hard and deliver every time, it creates a complex about failure. 

Basically that I can't handle it. 

J takes failure far more easily than I do. He told me to chill out. And then I proceeded not to, because why would I take good advice when stressed? I don't, that's why. 

The highlight was that we got to see two other extremely talented bands from Maine, Northern Lungs and They Called Me Legion. The dudes were all very gracious and told us we did a good job even when we didn't. Usually I don't appreciate that kind of pandering but that night I really needed it, so thanks, guys. 

 Some local art J and I got to decorate our living room wall. The Rock & Art Shop in downtown Bangor has an infinite amount of cool stuff. 

J and I went down to my parent's camp by the sea and I found this shell. 

My parents had stacked a ton of them on the seat-stumps around the campfire and they reminded me of a heart, with all the ventricles and pathways for blood to escape through. The pictures really do not capture how beautiful they looked. 

 J, my ever-willing model relaxing on the driftwood bench. Check out the subtle sexy in the raised eyebrow. Bow-chicka-wow-wow. 

Geometric-printed jumper, as seen on my facebook page, with sun hat and sheer button-up, posing in front of the shore at high tide. 

Our breakfast this Thursday: dragonfruit! 

About two weeks ago (the end of our summer vacation -- *sniff sniff*) J and I realized we couldn't stand the stairs any more. When we moved in, this hallway was a tan color and the living room a deep red. I was like "hell no." and changed the living room to a deep grey and the hallway to a mint/turquoise. 

But the stairs. The carpet was stapled down (and, as we found out, nailed to the underside) and the paint was chipping and uneven. So we finally gritted our teeth and ripped it up. 

So. Before.  

 And after. 

 Four-dollar strapless dress from a thrift store. Gearing up for fall colors. 

Do you know what you should eat this week? Portobello Mushroom Burgers, that's what.