I know this is an enormous surprise, but I'm not ready for summer to be over. I'm still ready for miniskirts and loud prints with neon colors. 

The slowly dropping temperatures have me layering up again. This brightly printed miniskirt (which is actually meant to be worn on the hips, but I held it up with my bow belt) is filled with all sorts of colors that made it easy to accessorize. Isn't it grand? Peacock feathers entwining with each other with gold zippers for pockets; I couldn't say no. 

Traveling from Bangor to Ellsworth there is a little shop called Nice Twice where I found this gem. Be sure to stop by if you have any free time and are looking for a fantastic thrift! The main thing I noticed was her selection of thrifted jewelry was ENORMOUS. I got three necklaces there. 

Man, it feels good to do a purely fashion post. Don't get me wrong, I love that I'm a lifestyle blog now, but my passion still lies with thrifted fashion.


peacock skirt -- thrifted!
black top (which is actually a black shift dress I layered over) -- thrifted!
yellow purse -- thrifted!
red sweater -- thrifted!
aaaaaaa black and white shoes -- thrifted. :)


a space with lines.

 When you first walk into our house, there is this half-room that extends the width of the bottom floor but only like 1/10th of the length. Our first thought was to turn it into a restaurant-style dining area, with little little tables and lots of lamps. 

But as the weeks turns into months I realized the money we had for such a project was nonexistent. So I turned my attention towards using what we had to fill the space (along with a million cactii. More on that later.) and what we had was one table, a chair, and a dozen art supplies just floating around the house.

This half-room is flooded with light from three windows that look into our backyard. Sun can filter in uninhibited and provides the perfect light to look at my paints in. When I'm sketching I curl up in the chair and work from the easel and when I'm painting I set the canvas on the floor and absorb the warmth from the sun. 

And so I have my art room. 

My own space. 

It's weird to say "I need space" when you're in a committed cohabiting relationship. I know I married J to be with him always, and when we're not somewhere close in the vicinity I miss him dearly. But sometimes I need to be in a space by myself to let my head be clear. As an introvert, my strength is drawn from time I can spend by myself. Sometimes this is an area of contention for J and I, whereas he a full-blooded extrovert who would rather die than not see people for a week, I am an obnoxious introvert who is physically exhausted by the idea of a party longer than two hours.  Sometimes this makes J incredibly upset when I don't want to go out and do things. I don't know if you've ever tried to explain to someone who was the opposite social level as you are, but trying to explain introversion to an extrovert is also quite exhausting. The only thing we can do is accept each other and go on about our business. It's definitely a learning curve, I'll tell you that.




for women.

Happy Women's Equality Day, my dear Decaffinites! In honor of this fabulous holiday, I'll be posting the pictures and short stories of some amazing woman feminists who are fighting to make this world a better place for all of us.

An African feminist fighting to end genital mutilation and childhood marriage in Maasailand. 

A European feminist activist who created the Center for Women War Victims and works with Serbian, Croatian, and Bosnian rape survivors. 

Lili Evans. 
Co-found the Campaign For Education About Consent and started the Twitter Youth Feminist Army.

Grassroots activist from the Congo, director of V-Day's City Of Joy, fighting for women and girls in the rape capital of the world. 

Campaigned for more comprehensive sex education in schools, campaigns to make rape-enthusiastic porn illegal, and protests regularly against magazines that only show sexually-charged, objectifying photos of women while showing pictures of men in suits and positions of power. 

President and CEO of the Paley Center for Media, working towards putting more women in positions of leadership in front of and behind the camera. 

An Indian environmentalist who campaigns to bring women in India into the fold of food security and sustainability. 

Works with Rewind & Reframe talking about music videos and the imagery they portray to society, in particular the cultural appropriate of black women when it comes to entertainment media. She had been a featured speaker at the Million Women Rise March and the Women Of The World Festival. 


The way that feminism has shaped me and opened my eyes to a lot of truth is astounding. Before, I accepted my fate, body image, my treatment from others as normal and something I just had to go through because I was a woman. But now, I see myself through feminist eyes and the change I see is truly astounding. I'm still young in my feminist journey and while there are a few doctrines to work our, the impact it has had on myself and my husband's life is beyond words. Almost. I'm actually going to write a blog post about it later on. ;)

One of the things generally celebrated in the feminist community is the selfie. For so long our narrowly-dominated society has pushed one ideal of beauty upon us, using our physical bodies as a weapon against our souls, and bit by bit one body type emerged as the only acceptable imagine. Selfies are a way you can fight back. A selfie says, "I'm here, I'm me, I'm visible, and I represent." Selfies can be an incredible tool to showcase to the world how much women are capable of and the diversity that separates and yet binds us. 

So, in honor of Women's Equality Day, and as someone who normally only takes pictures for the blog, go and take that selfie. Take that selfie when you feel so damn attractive. Take that selfie of the stormy weather behind your head when you're feeling blue. Take that selfie of your art. Take that selfie of your clean house. Take that selfie of your not-clean house. Take that selfie of that thing you love so much. Take that selfie with your partner. Take that selfie with your family. Take that selfie as a moment of self-acceptance, a middle fingers to the powers-that-be, the industries who thrive on you feeling inadequate. Take that selfie and document your life. 

My dear Decaffinites, you are so equal and so worth it. 

selfie away. 



the week.

My week of summer vacation has been full and gone by oh so fast. Due to a series of surprise repairs needed for our car, J and I decided to have a "stay-cation" and explore more of Maine. Well, that was the plan. In reality we did a wee bit of exploring and lots of relaxing right in our hometown. I loved all the extra time to draw and write music and take midday naps if I wanted to. And, of course, the best part was unlimited time with J. Work is important and a necessary part of adult life but sometimes it can take over and completely absorb your spark, making you forget about things that you loved. So vacations are splendid. 

J and I headed to Acadia for a hike on Thursday. 

We're so attractive. 

Up at the tippy top of the mountain! Yes, that is a crop top and super-tight gym shorts. I'm actually wearing a bandeau top underneath the florescent crop and several times during the hike I was just wearing the bandeau and my shorts. Because it was hot, and I dress for function. And the world totally didn't end. ;)

Recording new music for our upcoming EP release!

A quick doodle with new pencils. 

We've been in this house since June and until this week we hadn't touched the stairs. Obviously the carpet didn't match our decor. So we ripped it up -- and got stabbed by a bunch of errant staples -- and primed and painted them brand new. Color results in a later post. :D

My lovely, beauteous, cheeky, adorable, pony-loving young sister and I in our coffee date outfits. Note my peacock-printed miniskirt, courtesy of Nice Twice on the way to Ellsworth!

My incredibly slow-but-sure process in my first experience painting with acrylics. I still have a ton more to sketch and color in. 

J pretending he's a model. 


Hope and I are so beauteous. 

A denim polka-dotted dress with side cutouts, my sun hat, my studded backpack, and gladiator sandals are perfect festival dress. 



burrito night.

It's burrito night. 

Anyone in the world who ever wants to be vegan needs to master the art of the burrito. It's a sure-fire crowd pleaser, incredibly easy to make, and versatile enough to suit a plethora of dietary needs.

J and I craft burritos at least once every two weeks. Beans are a huge staple of my diet due to their superhuman protein levels and there's nothing more I love doing than piling vegetables on top of some spicy fried beans.

Besides the fabulous food, there's something else I'd like to draw your attention to in this post: my completely makeup-free face. I've been doing a lot of self-reflection about what it means to have self-esteem and to consider your intrinsically valuable. I've been having a hard time with this. I was going to detail it in a later post, but the short version is this.

1) have decent skin in high school.
2) suddenly go from occasional redness to full-blown breakouts all over forehead and chin the week after you turn 21.
3) find The Love Vitamin online and realize that, in fact, your poor diet could be contributing to your skin and body issues.
4) switch to an almost raw vegan diet and watch your skin and body issues fly away.
5) stay out late, eat junk food, and drink a lot on your vacation without a second thought and wake back up with terrible skin again.

So for me to be caught on camera (or when friends are over at the house) without makeup is a big deal. Partly because of my need for control, and partly because society has hammered into our heads that above all else YOU MUST BE ATTRACTIVE AT ALL TIMES, stripping off my makeup mask to reveal the blotchy and bumpy imperfections underneath freaks me out. To an unhealthy degree. To a degree that it shouldn't.

You'll notice my camera angles are very precise, the light is flattering, and I'm photographed from a safe distance. I'm not all the way there yet. But soon I will be.


Burritos are great because of  the "dump whatever you want" method you use with them. Our concoction consisted of:

  • black beans, fried with onions and garlic and a little hot pepper rub. 
  • roasted sweet potato. (roasted at 400 degrees for about half an hour).
  • yellow peppers.
  • fresh tomatoes.
  • corn.
  • sourdough tortillas. 
  • topped with vegan cheese!
I started roasting the sweet potato way before prepping everything else. When they got to the home stretch (ten minutes left) then I fried the beans and chopped the fresh veggies. The Sweet potato came out just in time to be a sizzling addition. Perfection.


(by the way, my pink striped dress was totally thrifted.)