spring is for lovers.

As much as I worship the outfits that feature my favorite neutral, black needs to take a break as Spring rolls out in full force. Temperatures in the 60's beckon towards bright colors, softer neutrals, and happy clashing. I even got J out of his dark-colored closet and into an uncharacteristically sunny palate. 

One of my most-loved fashion rules is that stripes can work as a neutral now. I feel like I'm turning leopard print into the same thing. In my opinion it's an appropriate choice to wear almost anywhere. It adds a sassy kick to any outfit I think might be too sweet or dreary. I don't do well with dreary. 

Also, couple pictures are adorable. J is usually the one behind the camera, so it was nice to get some shots of us. With April halfway done I'm even more aware of the fact that we just celebrated our 2-year Anniversary almost a month ago. It's blurry. It doesn't seem like we've been married that long. Sometimes it still feels like yesterday; we're still learning stuff about ourselves and each other. 


multicolored tree shirt -- thrifted!
leopard skit -- thrifted!
pink clutch -- thrifted!
nude heels -- thrifted!


oh vintage.

Warmer months are a better time to wear vintage. 

Vintage pieces are meant to stand out and, usually, to stand alone. Winter makes it hard to give vintage it's proper styling; hidden under tights, buried between layers, shivering under jackets. When the warm weather arrived I was able to give life to a new thrift find. 

The dress was made for a housewife a wee bit bigger than me, but a cinched waist can fix almost anything. The modest length balanced out the low top and slit up the middle. Accessorize it with a bold pendant, snappy heels, and a soft cardigan, and you're good to go. Perfect for casual Spring adventures. 



Spring is here, Spring is in the air, Spring is living under the last bits of snow and whispering in the pelting raindrops. 

I am beyond anxious to break out the light colors and breezy layers in anticipation for the warmer days. I was able to put on my lace top, and pair it with my striped skirt and green pastel tights! And, of course, I had to add some pink with my vintage purse. 

Metallics are still on my mind and I have a feeling they won't be going away for a long time. Despite Spring fashion posts being filled with natural accessories and little details I have a flair for the dramatic, and I have a love for the severity of metal among the breath of pastel. 

Pearl is a perfect bridge between the tough and the tender. Mixing in pearl with different recycled metals is a touch of subtle glamour mixed industrial. The best part about the necklace, however, is that it's entirely unique and entirely recycled -- it's upcycled! :D

Tell you what, guys, even my jewelry is thrifted. 

Please be sure to visit Alter Echos --- the fabulous, eco-friendly, creative Etsy store from which I received this necklace. VISIT IT. You guys won't regret it. Seriously, stock up on some new baubles for Spring. 


lace tank top -- thrifted.
striped skirt -- thrifted.
tights -- thrifted.
sweater -- sale rack. 
boots -- thrifted. 
necklace -- Alter Echos.


just peachy.

Even though Spring is here according to the calendar, it's not so much on the weather front. The temperature is slowly climbing but has yet to break into sunshine and singing birds and all other things Disney-Spring-i-fied. 

Even though it was raining outside I was determined to wear this dress. I purchased it last week at Hands Of Hope after falling in love with the soft peach tones and the weird cut. The only drawback: sleeveless. A lack of arm covering is not what you need in Maine during the winter-spring hybrid season. So I chucked a cream-and-black blazer over it and went with the punk-goes-classy vibe, following a classic palate with metallic accents. 

And yes, I was also wearing these colors to compliment my newest hair chalk adventure: bright blue with green undertones and purple face-framing. I'd read that blue is a hard color to wear for hair; even though most people look good with it there is a tendancy to turn into a sickly green color -- which only certain skin types can pull off. So I was chalking up my head all day to keep the bright blue intact. It was a little too much work for my taste. I think in the future I'll stick to pink and purple. 


dress -- thrifted, Hands Of Hope. 
shoes -- thrifted!
clutch -- thrifted. 
blazer -- thrifted. duh. 



My whole body is ready for Spring, from my floral bling, to my mint green sweater, to my pastel hair. I'm ladylike inside, really. There's always a place in my closet for some high-waist skirts and beaded lapel necklaces. I can't help it. I'm a romantic dresser at heart. 


sweater -- thrifted!
skirt -- thrifted!
necklace -- a gift. :)
clutch -- thrifted!


welcome spring.

So, after getting more snow on the first day of Spring, the sun finally decided to show it's season and bask us in 50-degree weather. Naturally everyone cried tears of joy and shed their winter layers I even hung up my trusty vegan leather coat for a day and donned  a blazer, scarf, and gloves. The best part? The gloves were only for dramatic effect. 

This adorable yellow number is a vintage dress I thrifted from a little store in Portland, Maine called Moody Lords. It's a store filled with vintage -- risky, edgy vintage at that -- clothes and vinyl copies of classic music. It's one of my personal favorites to browse/spend all my money in when we take a trip to our favorite city. 

And, yes, I'm sure you've noticed the purple/pink hair. I've discovered that with the platinum hair comes the great power of exceptionally potent hair chalk. 


dress -- thrifted!
boots -- thrifted.
purse -- thrifted. 
Blazer --thrifted. 
gloves -- thrifted. 


our trip.

nothing but blue skies for the trip down. 

hello, 80's manicure. 

the way life should be. On a bag from a thrift store. 

florals everywhere. 

and suddenly hair chalk in an awesome color. 

thrift store! First score of the day. :)

vintage goodies. 

thrifted granny sweater, layered over a button-up with vintage beads. 

got myself some quality pencils and a wee little sketchbook -- perfect for toting around to coffee shops. 

vintage vegan leather gloves in deep blue -- one of my thrifting scores. 

Roadkill face -- the opposite of Duck face. 

where I had my first Espresso. 

inside the Moody Lords, a perfect quirky thrift shop. 

pink hair, thrifted sweater and dress, vintage pendant, don't care. 

layers, layer it up. It was cold.

It may not seem like a huge deal, but J and I got to travel to Portland in celebration of our two-year Anniversary. It was a much-needed break from the daily grind. We left our computers at home, planned nothing, and let the activities decide themselves. Here are some snapshots from our adventures.